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35*45 Consulting

Emergency Contact

During vacations or extended business trips, we may be unreachable for an extended period of time. If you have an urgent technical issue, your first resource is Lexis Technical support. You must have a Time Matters/Billing Matters/Total Practice Advantage technical support contract to get service. If you are unsure whether you have a technical support contract, call the number below and key in your customer number; you will be routed to a sales representative if you do not have a technical support contract. Your customer number can be found either in parenthesis along the top title bar of Time Matters or under Help >> About Time Matters

Lexis Technical Support Numbers

For Time Matters/Billing Matters

(800) 387-9785

Other Contact

If you have chosen to forego a technical support contract, you should contact our partners at the 35-45 Consulting Group listed below for emergency support. You should identify yourself as a Rice Software Consulting, LLC client and emphasize that you have an emergency situation and state the nature of the emergency. All of the consultants listed below have remote access capabilities and can assist you. Please make payment and other financial agreements with the 35-45 Consulting Group as you will be billed directly.

35*45 Consulting

35-45 Consulting Group, LLC
11011 Richmond, Suite 600
Houston, TX
Tel. 888-866-3545
Email: incident@3545consulting.com