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Overview of Paperless Office Concepts
Paperless offices have in the past been difficult or impossible to achieve. New advances in software have make a less paper-dependent office possible. Good management and organization are the keys to success in implementing a paperless office where document structuring is on a voluntary basis.

Techniques for using Time Matters in Remote Offices
Whether you have multiple offices or are often on the road, being able to remotely access your Time Matters data can be crucial. This document reviews basic concepts relating to databases, issues of remote networking, and options for using Time Matters remotely.

Demographic Analysis using Time Matters
Law firms track large amounts of information about people in Time Matters. This white paper to explains how to use Time Matters to track the demographics of your firm's client base to better target your marketing efforts.

Using an Administrative Matter
Time Matters is usually used to track information about outside cases and projects. An administrative matter can be used to track internal firm information thus allowing for greater communication and reduction of overhead.




To download the file, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As . . " 

Install Powerviews into the correct Powerview sub-folder under the template directory.

Follow instructions in Time Matters manual regarding adding Powerview to the list.

Warning: Powerview have been tested and deemed to be in good working order, BUT are presented "as is" and no warranty is made as to their  effectiveness or safety.


Mail Listing (Matter)

This Powerview installs into the matter folder. It shows all mail records related to a matter.

Mail Listing (Contact)

This Powerview installs into the contact folder. It shows all mail records related to a contact.

Maps/Weather (Contact)

This Powerview installs into the contact folder. It gives a link for loading a maps and/or weather for the selected contact.